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11/21/09 10:10 pm - Writer's Block: Time in a bottle

michael jackson. of course.

10/28/08 01:28 am - oh my goshhh.

well, whats new? i slept for four hours earlier now i cant sleep. its 1 30 am. great. i have a french test tmrw and im screwed. i really dont feel like talking.

10/20/08 03:57 pm - oh man.

oh boy.. :| im screwed.
anyways. today was so boring. yet so dramatic. rofl. i almost fell asleep in social studies.
i've also decided to be a prescatarian. vegetarian who eats fish. ahahha. i need ma omegas.

10/11/08 12:58 pm - woo.

finally i got a job. but it doesnt pay. great. lol. gift shop baby. hell yaaaa. i'm excited. i start training next thursday though which is super far away. i'm doing it all year, so it'll be easy to get a job this spring. woo.

10/5/08 01:06 pm - debate.

so, i found out about a debate going on at one of the schools around here. i had six days to write it. now i have one? no.. i have tonight and thats it. lovely. i also have a fricking sore throat so i dont know how this'll be. hopefully i dont have vocal practices for the play this week. i'm like, dead tired. i also have to do some crap in my sketchbook.. which is due tmrw. thank god she's giving us some leg room.. since. i'm freaking busy. oh, did i tell you i was in the science fair too? hahaha i dont even know what my question is. oh well.
yours truly, jasmin.

9/29/08 07:40 am - blah.

the walk was okay. sorta boring. oh well. friday i had an interview at misericordia. hopefully i get a volunteer position soon. my breath smells and i'm leaving for school like, right now. gotta beat that lovely rush hour traffic. i always wonder how i make it through the day with 6 classes and annoying friends. gotta love em.
is it just my eyes or are my glasses extremely dirty? i have a feeling that my eyelashes are a little too long for my face. i should be thankful eh? oh well.
i'm rly not looking forward to today. i dont even have phys ed, which would have made my morning 10x worse. JESUS CHRIST. MY GLASSES. WHAT THE HELL.
so .. i saw some people on thurs that i rly needed to see. i finally got some closure. it was an amazing feeling. if i had the chance to do it again and again, i'd do it!
crap, i just remembered i had an english test today. wish me luck

9/21/08 12:12 am - burn out

i haven't been doing anything and i'm totally burned out. i only have one editorial to write for social studies and i'm procrastinating. blah.
anyways, i got in touch with my cousin from the philippines. it was nice. ahha she said if i wanted to be famous for singing or whatev, she had connections. lol. so thats exciting. i probably wont do it though.. atleast not in the near future. i like school and my life. i can get money doing different things.
anyways, i got new glasses. they keep sliding down my nose so i have to get that fixed. i've never had plastic frames before. i really like them. they make me feel less stupid. ahah.
so im taking the bus on monday and tuesday. hopefully i dont get lost. ahha. wish me luck.

9/16/08 11:41 pm - busy

i've been so busy/lazy that i haven't updated any other blog i have. boo. i'm so lazy its unbelievable. i have a super craving for shopping right now.
i really need to sleep right now. i have a read through of the play i'm in, so i wont be hom until 6:30. boo.
ugh i just realized i'm such a procrastinate with homework, eating , sleeping, talking to people, running errands, time managing. i have no idea how i get by anymore. i've also been really moody. not whiny and complainy, but actual mood swings. exhilerated, depressed, joyful, hyper, angry.. its a vicious cycle. it hasn't happened before. sometimes i just want to cry. its so strange. i dont even know what i'm talking about..

9/14/08 07:04 pm - football.

so i went to a highschool football game. it was pretty hot. aha. a bunch of boys, rolling around trying to get a ball. it was really dramatic though. i'm finally realizing that throughout highschool, people and friends will change, and you'll find out who your true friends are. i find that really scary. i guess that's part of life, right? 
school isn't that heavy right now. i'm sure it'll get worse, with my schedule filling up.
i got into the play. i'm going to be part of the chorus, so i'll be busy with rehersals. i applied for a job at my school office for after school and i have to volunteer and a health centre. i'm signing up for peer tutoring, so if i actually get someone, i am not sure how that will go. i also am doing pilates with one of my best friends. LOL that'll be painful.
anyways, no one reads these things.. so..

9/10/08 05:18 pm - dr.

.. that is why i do not like going to the doctor. i'm scared they're going to tell me i'm dying. i know alot of people have that fear too.
so i went today , thinking "oh, i just have allergies" but wait, this is what she tells me.
i have sleeping problems and i need to get a regular time schedule.. lol that wasnt the bad part.
she tells me my ears need to be flushed, and by flushed, i thought she meant just cleaning it with some stick, but no.. she says.. "i'm going to go get a water gun" lmfao. so i'm like, hell no. she comes in, makes me hold this cup.. and she like, shoots water in my ear.. then she realizes that she can only do one because my ears are plugged.
she then checks my heart, and apparently, i have a heart murmur. if it comes with shortness of breath, which i have, then it might be a small issue but not likely. great, right ? so now i have to go to a heart specialist and get an ultrasound.. weee...
then, i had to get a bloodtest for low blood count. and anemia.
i've been randomly crying for days... just for no reason.. now i might have a reason. no..

9/6/08 01:02 am - amazing night.

we totally had the grade 9 welcome day. honestly, i thought it was going to be brutal. it was so fun though. i was with marty for the morning and that was really fun. i mean, all we did was a bunch of workshops. you know the usual: drugs, body image and bullying. it was sort of more interesting but you know, it was basically just lectures. we had mass also. boring stuff too. we sit in the balcony now though. pretty exciting. lmfao, i totally waved to elena like, across the room. fun times. so after, i got really hyper because.. well, who knows.
god, the night was amazing. danced my ass off maybe. that tour we had of our school tunnels and dark secret hallways was so fun. it was meant to be scary, and i'll be honest, it sort of was,  in the heat of the moment. when i look back though, it totally wasn't scary!
i have piano tomorrow but i dont plan on sleeping.. ever.

9/3/08 03:34 pm - new beginning.

today. wow. i feel happy and elated and nauseated and depressed. i was 10 minutes late going to orientation day this morning. great way to start. well, i found out that i won't be in the same class as any of my close friends. god. how annoying. i'll just have keep telling myself that i'll still see them, and i'll be way less distracted at school, hopefully. i kind of miss the stress and pressure of school. what i dont miss is the "community building" and socializing we're forced to do. its a pain. 
cons of school:
day 1. first period. PHYS ED.
i have a sucky teacher for one of my classes
i dont want to lug around 1000 textbooks.
grade 9 welcome night = 15 hrs at school.

pros of school:
i have a spare in the morning twice a cycle
art class
i still get to have lunch with my friends
st pauls walk ;)

i'll live through it, right? joy.

9/1/08 03:45 am - virgin entry

the original entry here was at 3:30pm. it made no sense so i'm writing it again.
three more days and i'm back to school. boring old routine. well i guess it wont be old and boring.. but it'll be the same halls, the same classrooms.. yawn. hm, i can't say that i'm not excited. there's supposed to be like, 30 more girls coming in. i imagine things will get a little more chaotic. ugh, i still have to buy school shoes and art supplies. yay. stupid labor day is making all the stores close down. how annoying.
anyways, i'm supposed to be going to a buffet today. i'm not sure when. i'm starving. i ate all the food in my house so my last resort is a cough drop. horray. OH. the buffet i'm supposed to be going to as the best tutti frutti ice cream ever. yees!
i have a feeling this week is going to get crazy..

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