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the jasmin expo

pretties and dainties

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25 May
i'm jasmin.
i love; piano singing photography cooking baking talking to others spending time alone writing yoga fixing my hair making lists organizing things watching the news italian soda cream puffs grocery shopping volunteering staying up all night buying new make up filming taking personality quizzes philosophy puzzles expressing myself through music art and clothes
i'm usually; the type of person who tries to make you laugh, happy, taking pictures of myself, on facebook, picking at my nails, thinking of things to eat :j
i cant stand; cut off leggings, dirty washrooms, white chocolate, the smell of cigerettes, being restrained, wasting things, being ordinary, sleeping, but most of all, i can't stand phone calls :)
if you wanna know more, just ask me.

you can find me at fictionpress, blogspot, flickr, facebook and here!
poetry puzzles philosophy piano

Social capital

  • less than 10